Plenty of diving fun at Schouwen-Duiveland!


Grevelingen Lake

At the lake there are several diving sites including Bommenede, the Kijkuit polder and the port of Scharendijke. The Grevelingen is a fascinating diving area. And because there are no currents, it’s safe to snorkel here. You’ll see plenty of anemones, sea squirts, starfish, eel and sponges. And shipwrecks, too!


Another popular dive site can be found in the vicinity of the Zeeland Bridge at Zierikzee. There are several places for snorkelling along the south coast of Schouwen-Duiveland. The area is known for its variety of tunicates, plumose anemones and breadcrumb sponges. You’ll also come across large lobsters and shrimps. The dive site at the Zeeland Bridge is famous for the cuttlefish who come here, almost every year in May, to lay their eggs. There are many other species of fish here, too.

North Sea

Diving in the North Sea is quite an adventure—you often come across sunken ships. Most of them are entirely overgrown and look quite magical. But please be careful, the current here is very strong, so it’s better suited to more seasoned recreational divers. Experience is a must! As well as unusual old shipwrecks, you might find yourself surrounded by large schools of fish, and cod over a meter long. You’ll also see large lobsters and crabs scuttling along the sea bed, in search of food.