A picturesque village


The village of Zonnemaire is located on the main road from Zierikzee to Brouwershaven on Schouwen-Duiveland. With its dikes and outlying areas, the village borders on the Grevelingen Lake.

The village probably takes its name from the Sunnonmeri, a body of water that flowed around the islands of Bommenede and Schouwen around 776. ‘sunne’ is an old word for water and, when a new polder was created in around 1400, that’s what the locals named it. As time passed and people forgot what ‘sunne’ meant, they added another word for water: ‘meer’.

Neighbouring Bommenede was once a small prosperous trading town. But when the town was plagued by constant flooding, the residents fled to the Dijk van Bommenede. Eventually, Bommenede was abandoned, and became part of Zonnemaire.

Bommenede Harbour is a relic of the old town. The hamlet of Bloois, which originally belonged to Bommenede, also disappeared. The Blooisedijk at Zonnemaire is a tangible reminder of the former settlement.

De Korenbloem, a mill built in 1873, stands on the Molendreef. Originally, the mill ground flour, but today is used to produce cattle fodder. The mill is open to visitors most Saturdays, and when it’s running.

Physicist Pieter Zeeman was born in Zonnemaire. The scientist won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1902 together with Hendrik Lorentz. They were awarded the prize for the Zeeman effect; the influence of magnetic fields on spectral lines.

Zonnemaire has a vibrant community spirit, with local groups that organise all kinds of events. Like the annual Orange Night, that attracts people from all over the island, and Beleef Zonnemaire, a summer festival with market stalls and a rich menu of activities—from fun stuff for kids, to cultural experiences. To find out more about these events and tons of other activities in Zonnemaire, check our events calendar.